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INTERITALIA 2022 Refined Edition

Italian Postal Stationery Specialized Catalogue BILINGUAL: Italian-English.

COMPLETE SPECIALIZED COLOR EDITION of 432 pages. International edition: with introduction, descriptions and notes also in English.

The only catalogue which values AQ sheets, postcards and military postage tickets (all, and in a rational way), Venezia Giulia and Tridentina

at the time of Austria, the private overprints, Perfins, Valigia delle Indie.

The only one with the reproduction of all the illustrations of the celebratory, advertising and propaganda postcards.

The only one with the stamps reproduced in the natural state, and with all the details, the maps, the technical, postal and commercial information necessary for the collector, even novice, and for the scholar.

The only one signed by the leading Italian experts in the sector, with the support of UFI-Italy.

The only one truly international, with the texts in Italian and English.

The changes compared to the previous 2016 edition concern the prices, a demanding advertising presence that confirms the growing appreciation of the market for this work, as well as some new images and specifications.

The real editorial novelty concerns the final part relating to the Italian postal parcel service, which records the issue of the new "packages" in paid port, and even a type of "label plate" which, being self-adhesive, should also be of interest for stamp-lovers.

As far as valuations are concerned, the traditional prudence of this catalog has allowed us not to have to touch down many figures. On the contrary, increases are recorded both for the less available pieces (which are undoubtedly many in our sector) and for particularly popular sectors such as advertising items, and for the more modern part.

And the same "indication" of the market, reasonably tended to the upside, is put into practice for the first time for a sector such as the colonial one, especially the shipping slips of the '900, often unavailable but remained for too long at a 30 years ago, and which instead sold like hot cakes in recent auctions, even at fivefold figures.

by Franco Filanci, Carlo Sopracordevole & Domenico Tagliente

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